Sludge Screw Press Type KS

The energy-saving solution for highly efficient sludge dewatering

The KUGLER range of sludge screws is an ideal and very cost efficient solution combined with a very low investment to thicken sludge (e.g. up to 6% of TS) and to dewater sludge (up to 25% TS in biological sludge) from municipal and industrial processes as well as from biogas production.

The sludge screw presses' power consumption is very low and thus cost-saving. They are of high quality and made of SAE 304 and 316 stainless steel. Only high-quality components are used.

For higher volumes, several units can be installed in parallel. This increases operating and maintenance flexibility compared to using only one machine. Furthermore, the KS sludge screw presses are also adaptable to mobile service systems for sludge dewatering.


Screw press cross section


The Process – How it works

The process is very simple. A conveying screw pushes the dewatered sludge into a discharge chamber. In a first step, a certain amount of water is extracted from the flocculated sludge and afterwards, the sludge is being dewatered optimally due to the adjustable counterweight and gravity before the outlet.

A wedge wire section drum filter which is mounted around the screw ensures to have the water extracted. The integrated motorized washing system ensures to clean the filter’s surface continually.


The clogging effect of the wedge wire filter is drastically reduced by the effect of the motorized washing system. Water consumption is very low and the result is very high in terms of efficiency.




For better results, a sludge screw thickener is being installed in sequence before the screw press. The sludge must be always conditioned with polyelectrolyte in order to obtain the correct flocculation before being processed with a screw press and/or a sludge screw thickener.







Due to the low rotation speed and low power loads of both the screw press and the sludge screw thickener, the components‘ wear and tear is very low.














We offer the following types of screw presses with the indicative following parameters*:








Our machines can be applied in many industries, such as

  • Municipal waste water treatment plants,
  • Biogas plants / digester,
  • Paper mills,
  • Vegetable and fruit producers,
  • Breweries and other producers of beverages ,
  • Textile producers,
  • Chemical plants,
  • And many more.


For further information regarding your specific application, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!